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Bhima Jewellers

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Bhima Jewellers Kozhikode & Kannur are a part of the Bhima Group – a group that has enjoyed a sterling reputation since 1925. Founded by Shri.Bhima Bhattar in 1925 in Alleppey, Kerala, better known as the Venice of the East, Bhima rose from its humble beginnings to become a beacon of trust in gold jewellery business in no time.

Today Bhima has all of 18 showrooms across Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and is growing in leaps and bounds.

`The Bhima Boy’ is a mark of trust, tradition and purity. The Cherubic `Bhima Boy’, a logo that represents the guileless, clean business practices of Bhima Jewellers was created way back in 1925. The `Bhima Boy’ became the greatest symbol of trust in gold over the decade and has endeared, himself to gold lovers in Kerala.

Bhima Kozhikode and Kannur Showrooms

In 2001 Bhima Jewellers opened in Kozhikode, the vibrant business hub of North Kerala. At the helm is Shri.B.Girirajan, one of the doyens of the gold business in Kerala, ably supported by Shri G.B.Kiran and Shri S.Hrishikesh. Sri B. Girirajan in also the President of All Kerala Gold and Silver Merchant’s Association.

Sri. B. Girirajan

In 2007, the Kannur showroom was inaugurated in Thana, Kannur. These showrooms have firmly entrenched Bhima in the gold trade in North Kerala, bringing purity, innovation and a new generation attitude to the tradition-bound North Kerala market.




Bhima Jewellers