Cement Manufacturer in North India

Cement Manufacturer in North India

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Shree Cement is the largest cement manufacturer in North India and among the top five cement manufacturing
groups in the country. The company is being professionally managed by its promoters Shri B. G. Bangur, Chairman
and Shri H. M. Bangur, Managing Director. Turnover of the company for 2009-10 was Rs. 3632 Crores and Net profit
was Rs. 676 Crores, while in 2008-09 the company posted a turnover of Rs. 2715 crore and generated operating
profit of nearly Rs. 1034 crore . It has more than quadrupled its capacity in the last 5 years to reach present cement capacity of 12 million tons p.a. with manufacturing plants at Beawar, Ras, Khushkhera and Suratgarh in Rajasthan
and Laksar (Roorkee) in Uttarakhand. The Company follows a multi-brand strategy and sells cement under the highly recognized brands of Shree Ultra, Bangur and Rockstrong. which together enjoy largest market share in high value
markets of Rajasthan, Delhi & Haryana.

Operational excellence and efficiency of the Company gets reflected in one of the highest operating profit margins
in the Industry. High-calibre project management and execution capabilities have seen the Company compress
project timelines and push rapid capacity expansions. A striking case in point is the commissioning of Unit VII in a
world record of 367 days. Shree is also into the power sector with a Power generation capacity of 210 MWwhich is
set to go up to 560 MW by December 2011.

It is known to be an energy efficient and environment friendly company and has received various awards and
accolades at national and international level for excellence in energy efficiency and environment management.
Shree has set up waste heat recovery projects of 46 MW capacity which is the largest waste heat power generation capacity in world cement industry excluding China. Shree follows the triple bottom-line approach of measuring
performance against the three benchmarks of Economical, Social and Environmental. Shree is an active participant
at Climate change forums and is the first Indian cement company to join the Cement Sustainability Initiative of the
World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Switzerland.