Kickboxing Classes in Mumbai, Weight Loss in Mumbai

Kickboxing Classes in Mumbai, Weight Loss in Mumbai

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One of the most reliable and best Personal Trainers in Mumbai and we also conduct Kickboxing Classes in Mumbai, Weight Loss in Mumbai, Jujitsu Classes in Mumbai, Mix Martial Arts (MMA) Classes in Mumbai, Self Defense Classes in Mumbai

A Strong Learning base is worth a 1000 kicks

It is important to have a strong technical foundation to impart Martial Art Education. Renshi Hemal Shah has been learning martial art since 1991 under the guidance of Sensi Prasant Godambe, Sensi Jagdish Singh Bramta, and David Arambhan. And the learning has not stopped. He is currently training under the Shien B M Narasimhan for Karate and Kalari and V Dev Anand for Jujitsu and Sensi Kalpesh Makwana for Kobudo. It is essential to our art, that we never leave the learning arena and continue to update ourselves with latest techniques in Martial Art Training. This way we keep ourselves fit as well as armed (to teach) at all times.

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Renshi Hemal Shah: has extensive teaching experience with 20 yrs of Martial Art Training + 10 yrs in Total Body Fitness Training (Personal Fitness Trainers in Mumbai).

Renshi Sanjay Patel: has extensive experience with 19 yrs of Martial Art Training + 2 yrs fitness kickboxing.

“You don’t have to be Jackie chan”: At fighting fit – we won’t make you do impossible but more things will become possible for you. All we require is a student who has fire in their belly, a strong desire to learn and a willingness to explore new paths, the rest can be learnt with us. So whether you are working mother, or retired dadaji, a youngster with excess energy or a stressed out professional, a model trying to tone up for his/her next break, the idea is make it possible for everyone to enjoy leaning martial art and benefit from it.

“Relevant and effective are the keywords” Our classes and programs are customized and designed with great thought so as not become a mish mash for the sake of being “different”. Instead we like to add variety to make our classes interesting, fun and effective. The programs at Fighting Fit include things like yoga, weight training, dance, Indian lathi, public speaking, fitness kickboxing, swiss ball exercises integrated in combination with Martial Art.

There is nothing as effective as a good teacher”

Who better that the instructor to set a good example? a good teacher trains students as per their potential and helps them to be the best they can, constantly encouraging and pushing them. We at Fighting Fit take this thought very seriously and help train the trainers for not only updating their martial art skill but educating them on additional aspects like nutrition, marketing, fitness, public speaking, assertiveness, business planning etc. A teacher has to keep expanding his boundaries and training to be effective and in Fighting Fit he will find the tools to do so.

While most martial arts and kickboxing schools emphasize tradition, strictness and rigid conformity, we have decided not to follow their approach. Instead, when you enter our dojos, you will find a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that thrives on intense and progressive training.

We use a flexible and modern system of teaching to inspire our new generation of champions.